Golden Hatcheries

Is the largest seller of Hatching eggs from Karnataka to the rest of the country and has produced more than 480 million Hatchable eggs till date. As every second goes by we produce 1.75 eggs from our world class breeding facilities spread across the country.



Started in 1987, this is the flagship company of our group. It was started with a placement of 500 birds and todaythe current capacity of Parent birds at Promoter owned companies’ amounts to a total of 5.0 lakh birds in brooding, growing and laying stages.

The company purchases Parent breeding stock from Vencobb and rears these birds till they lay the Hatching eggs. These eggs are sold across the country from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. We are the largest producer of these hatching eggs from Karnataka (Along with Standard Farms), producing over 1.5 lakh hatching eggs per day.