Golden Fresh Chicken

One of the largest producers of live Broiler Chicken in Karnataka. We produce 1.5 Kgs of Chicken every minute taking the total produce annually to a whopping 25 Million Kgs every year.



Started in April 2013, This Company is involved with the production of live chicken. With a clear focus to be the largest producer of chicken in Karnataka the company has rapidly ramped up production and is already the fifth largest producer chicken in Karnataka. The firm has already established 7 branches spread over various districts in as on date and is looking forward to increasing the same to 10 in the coming years.

Along with producing chicken, this division also owns and operates processing plants to process chicken. The business model is to sell processed and packed chicken to end consumers likeHoteliers and caterers and currently it is the third largest processor in volume rems in Karnataka and the 9th largest in the country.